Surin Islands

Surin Islands

Surin Islands – An Exclusive Destination

Koh Surin National Marine Park in Thailand is one of the most adored island locations in the country. Koh Surin National Marine Park comprises two main islands, namely Koh Surin Nua (North Surin Island) and Koh Surin Tai (South Surin Island) and three satellite islands. The entire Surin archipelago encompasses more than 320 km² of the region that includes the picturesque Koh Tachai Island and magnificent scuba diving at Richelieu Rock.

Climate in the Surin Islands

Surin Islands have a tropical climate. The climate here is, however, high in temperature as well as humidity with yearly monsoons typically in October. In between November and April, the weather here is accommodating for the visitors to Thailand as there is less humidity, low rainfall, clear skies, and the temperature remains as high as 30°C.

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During the months of April and May, there is a rise in the heat and humidity level, with average day time temperatures higher than 35°C. And from June to September, the islands observe the full onset of monsoon, which makes the season inappropriate for tourists.

Note: During the low seasons between May and October, the Surin National Park remains closed due to poor weather and inappropriate sea conditions. It reopens in mid-October when the weather calms down.

The peak season: December to March

Nature at Surin Islands

The nature at Surin Islands is vibrant and lush green as it is layered with ancient rainforests. It is also home to numerous exotic species such as Monitor Lizards, Flying Fox, Reticulated Python, and Pig-tailed Macaque, to name a few. Here, you can also discover more than 90 species of birds.


The water nature is extravagant with extensive coastline imparting long fringing reef around the islands. On the eastern side of the Surin islands, you can find over 200 impressive coral species. And the Western side comprises of steeper reef structures speckled with several undersea pinnacles.

You can discover an abundance of marine life surrounding the Surin Islands that include reef sharks, shaded batfish, frogfish, manta rays, whale shark, seahorses, ghost pipefish, napoleon wrasse and octopus along with four species of turtles.

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